You Can’t Silence the Truth, in that light, a group of brave Egyptians supporting the former minister of Housing, Ahmed El Maghrabi have created  “Reality Check “to clear his name as a person and official and provide a venue for non-supporters to explore the truth. Over 600 individuals have been actively using social media to our cause.

Social Media has recently taken Egypt by storm. People from all walks of life have been voicing their opinion on the different networks like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and social blogs.

Amidst all the commotion happening, our fellow countrymen have forgotten certain ‘truths’ … all Reality Check wants to do is remind them of it by laying down the facts and allowing them to make informed decisions. Ironically, Reality Check sources its information from the same media that is currently spreading rumors about Ahmed el Maghrabi – all the site is doing is digging up the past to safeguard the present and future of our Egypt.

Reality Check has an active Facebook page with over 2000 visitors per day – those encompass people that are supporters and non-supporters of Ahmed El Maghrabi – all considered truth seekers. Reality Check is continuously providing informative posts (notes, videos, and press clippings) to interrupt the rumors and highlight the facts.  More often than not, Reality Check refers back to the Ahmed el Maghrabi YouTube channel containing a video archive of interviews with prominent talk show hosts about cases Ahmed El Maghrabi is currently being accused of. Similarly, an Ahmed el Maghrabi Flickr Channel has all the news clipping archive classified into different subheadings.

To ensure a holistic view, Reality Check made sure all its social media activities are interlinked and have also created a blog ( to serve as a hub for this vast amount of information.

Even if the Egyptians’ cries for freedom have temporarily deafened their ears for justice – reality will prevail at the end, because you can’t silence the Truth.


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