Equipping 1100 Villages with Drinking Water Networks

Water Egypt - Ahmed El Maghrabi


While Eng. Ahmed El Maghraby’s was in charge of the Ministry of Housing, the following was accomplished:

  • Equipping 1100 Villages with Drinking Water Networks
  • Drinking Water for 27 Million Citizens in the Poorest Villages and Hamlets
  • Complete Elimination of Rotation System due to the Providing 1476 Manors and 2600 Villages with Drinking Water


The Ministry of Housing during five years, which is the office period of former Minister Ahmed El Maghraby from 2005 until 2010, was keen to meet the humanitarian needs of the citizens and improve their standard of living by increasing the implementation of projects that will be of direct benefit  to all Egyptians, especially in the villages and villages. Drinking water and sewage projects were on the list of priorities of the Ministry due to their direct connection with the daily lives of citizens.

During the 5 years while he was in charge, an integrated system was implemented to raise the quality of drinking water and sewage, and to broaden the base of beneficiaries and eliminate any disparity in quality between the different governorates of the Republic, given the importance of these services in the lives of all citizens, especially simple people whom these projects help to provide a healthy and sound life to them and their children.


This was reflected on  the drinking water and sewage services and the increase of volume of expenditure thereon, which exceeded 51 billion EGP from 2005 to 2010, which is similar to 4 times what was spent during the same period before 2005.

During the past five years, the Ministry of Housing accomplished the establishment of  1315 Drinking Water Project with an additional capacity of 10 million cubic meters per day at the cost of 24 billion EGP, which helped in the improvement of the standard of living of millions of people in new cities, villages and hamlets.

The number of drinking water stations reached 2690 compared to 1105 station in 2005, i.e. an increase of 143% in five years. Also the lengths of drinking water distribution networks reached 143 thousand km in 2010 compared to 47 thousand km in 2005, with an increase of 93% in 5 years.

To ensure the quality of service provided to citizens, 2500 drinking water samples  are analyzed  every 3 months to monitor the performance of companies and to prepare a separate assessment of the quality and efficiency of water treatment and sewage water  plants  in different governorates.

There has been a quantum leap in the drinking water services during the past five years where coverage reached nearly 100% of the villages of the Republic after working in more than a thousand sites and villages that were deprived from water of high purity quality and whose people suffer great difficulties in order to get a glass of clean water, as the drinking water capacity increased by 50% since 2005 and until now as it was 19.2 million cubic meters per day in the end of 2005 and rose to 30.2 million cubic meters per day in 2010 with an increase of 59% to serve 27 million people who did not enjoy clean drinking water mostly in the poorest villages. The availability of water reflected directly on the way of living of these citizens.

In the past 5 years only,  the number of served population increased  from 53 million in 2005 to 80 million citizens in 2010 enjoying the service throughout the 24 hours and at appropriate pressures which  had the biggest impact on their daily lives and improved their health.

Delivery service of drinking water is provided to all towns and villages of the Republic without being on the rotation system which prevailed in the past. The Ministry succeeded in achieving that goal after the hard effort  in more than 1100 sites throughout the Republic. In June 2008 the Ministry completed the Pumping of 2.3 million cubic meters per day at the cost of 2,5 billion EGP in 1476 manors and villages in addition and benefited estate and said, in addition to approximately 2600 villages that was served by rotation.

Further, the Ministry of Housing during the office of Engineer Ahmed El Maghraby established 320 sewage project with a capacity of additional 3.8 million cubic meters per day, and the number of villages to which sewage has been introduced reached 611 villages, in addition to the replacement and renovation of 1223 water plants and water and sewage networks along 3215 KM in various Governorates of the Republic.

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